Lunar (Lofi Drum Kit)

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StudioPlug Audio Production : Lunar (Lofi Drum Kit) Description

StudioPlug Drum Kit Samplesworks for all daws.

Lunar (Lofi Drum Kit) – Created  by “StudioPlug” This Bank Contains 80+ drum samples, 10 Hihat midis & 10 808 midis in the styles of polo g, lil uzi vert & more artist to deliver that next level sound to keep your beat production sounding High Quality. The samples in Lunar Drum Kit were created in such a digital way that you can hear a mix of ambience and hyperpop in the art to give it the lil uzi vert feel, the samples are perfected to give the the spacey similar to those sounds heard in polo g tracks. Take a dive into the kit to get the full experience.

When it comes down to the perfect sound, you can always count on the kits available here at StudioPlug. We make sure to take our time to perfect the craft here. Samples are created in such a way that sound very dry to give you that clarity. Simply browse through the Drum Kit category here at StudioPlug to build you sound selection collection.

As music is constantly changing you don’t want to be left behind. Each sound was customly created to give you the ultimate producer experience when it comes to sound selection. If your chord structure is great, make sure your sample selections are too. Re-up today and download this kit here at StudioPlug!  


(+80) Drum Samples

(+10) Hihat Midis

(+10) 808 Midis

• HQ Sound Samples

• Works In All DAWs

• INSTANT Inspiration!

• WAY MORE Than Just A Drum Kit! – StudioPlug

• Future Sounds for you to create hundreds of new beats!

✔ Any Operating System. Any DAW. – FL Studio, Logic Pro, Cubase, Studio One, Maschine, Magic, Garage Band, Pro Tools, Reason, Ableton Live, etc.. (WINDOWS or MAC OS)

✔ INSTANT DOWNLOAD – Use this digital product immediately after ordering through our Servers for lightning download speeds.

*No Requirments*
*Installation instructions included in the zip file*

* Contact StudioPlug – for any questions about your order *

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Hip Hop producers love drum kits, also known as Drum Sample Packs. The reason for this is that they are extremely adaptable. There are a lot of drums, one shots, fx, and samples in there. Construction kits confine you to duplicating the beat, sample packs are perfect if you only require samples, and Drum Kits combine the best of both worlds. They may also be available in certain styles, such as Rap.

The key reason for their popularity is because most rap tracks require space for the rapper’s voice. As a result, drum kits have more drum sounds and one shots. They can also incorporate tunes, sound effects, and samples. The producer focuses the drum patterns and drum sounds more because the sounds and melodies are simplified.


If you’re seeking for a specific type of music, you’ll be able to discover a sample pack for it. Many sample packs are available in hip hop, trap, reggaetón, and Boom Bap Drums styles.


So you’re familiar with sample packs, but what should you check for when purchasing one? Here are a few things to look out for:


The component files that make up a sample are known as stems. Instruments are usually the case. You want the stems so you can be more creative and make adjustments.

Is composed of synthesizers, strings, a flute, and drums. You want the sample in its original form, as well as all of the separate instrument files. Perhaps you like the synths but don’t want the strings with it in this situation. That separate file should also be included in a sample pack.

To the producer, the mixed sound is the most intriguing sound. Producers frequently request the stems as well, so you may make additional adjustments. So keep an eye out for those stems.


This is true for stems, but it can also be said for the sample. The samples are sometimes subjected to effects and processing by the producer. Wet samples are samples that have had effects (such as reverb) applied to them. If that’s the case, look for the word “dry” as well. The wet samples sound fine a lot of the time, but you always want the dry samples so you can apply your own effects.

It’s fine to collect stems and samples that are dry or lightly treated. These provide the most versatility. Keep in mind that you’re going to use these samples to make music. It will be difficult to use overly processed sounds in your new track if you already have them. Adding reverb or other effects to a wet sample results in a muddy sound.


Listen to the samples supplied to get a sense of what you’ll be getting. Are the samples murky or too processed? Examine the details to ensure you’re obtaining high-quality wav files rather than mp3s. You’ll need a resolution of 24 bits and a sampling rate of 44100.


Sometimes. Yes, in most cases, but not always. Knowing what key a sample is in will help you make everything you play sound good together. Even if the sounds aren’t in the correct key, they can sound excellent together. It’s always helpful to know what key the sounds are in.


StudioPlug is the best place. However, if you’re looking for a thorough list, we’ve compiled the definitive sample pack list.


The majority of sample bundles include.wav files that you can drag and drop into your DAW. They should be that simple to operate. A Beat Pack is a terrific method to learn about samples if you’re just getting started. You can see how they interact with one another and collaborate.


Samples can be used to create a new piece of music. A simple melody or riff can be all it takes to start a beat.

They can also be used as a finishing touch. Sometimes all that’s needed to complete a beat is a basic one-shot sound.

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