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Easiest tools for beat makers like you. Every kit comes bundled with a variety of midis, preset banks, drum kits and more.


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FL Template

FL Studio Templates come with all sounds used for a specific style. All you need to do is add a melody, change the bass line and you’re good to go. Best part is, its all pre mixed and mastered!

Main advantages

Speeds up your beat making process by having quaility sounds that fit the styles you’re looking for.


Midi kits

Simply drag and drop midi files into your channel and boom! You got yourself melody chords for any style.


FL Studio Templates

FL Studio Templates have been favorites due to is effective way of making beats in minutes from multiple styles.

Saving your time

Knock out the hassle by purchasing kits that include mix and master packs. Mix and master packs come with mixing presets that are easy to use.


Preset banks

All preset banks are created predicting the future sounds by analyzing current sounds used in mainstream and underground tunes.

Secure & insured

All your info is secured, protected and only visible to you.

Easy to use

All products are made for fast quality production.

Business model

Invest in Mixer Banks, Preset Banks, Midi Kits, and other music production sounds. The Beat Making and Mixing markets have experienced a surge in volume recently, making it is an exciting time to become a beat maker. Simply drag and drop with most products.

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